Wet fast-flow electrostatic mist eliminator

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Wet fast-flow electrostatic mist eliminator

The wet-type fast-flow electrostatic defogger is one of our company’s patented products. It increases the operating gas speed under the premise of ensuring the defogging efficiency of the electric defogger to achieve high efficiency. At present, fast-flow electrostatic mist eliminators are used in cogeneration, garbage incinerators, iron-making blast furnaces, coking furnaces, petroleum catalytic cracking units, optical lens coated glass production lines, PVC ovens, bentonite dryers, printing, hazardous waste Deep treatment of exhaust gas from incineration, waste heat boilers in oil refineries, various incinerators, MSG production, organic fume in the electronics industry, electroplating workshops and other industries. It is used to reduce the emission of acid mist, PM2.5, and aerosol in the above industries, and further improve the transparency of flue gas.

The wet fast-flow electrostatic defogger has the following advantages:

1. It can meet the high gas velocity operation, and the maximum gas velocity can reach 3-6m/s.

2. Small selection of equipment for processing the same gas volume and small floor space. Facilitate the overall arrangement of the system.

3. Low operating cost, energy saving and consumption reduction.