Wet electrostatic electric mist eliminator

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Wet electrostatic electric mist eliminator

We can provide the following specifications of electrostatic defogger:
1. Plastic electric mist eliminator 37~342 tubes
2. Lead electric mist eliminator 78~330 tubes
3. Large-scale electric mist eliminators used in coal-fired power plants, coal-fired boilers, and ammonium phosphate tail gas, with up to thousands of tube bundles.

The main technical parameters:

NameWork pressureGas concentrationOperating temperature
PVC tube electric mist eliminator-8KPa5~10%SO2≤40℃
Lead tube electric mist eliminator-8KPa5~10%SO2≤100℃
FPR tube electric mist eliminator-8KPa5~10%SO2≤90℃

Our company can provide you with the optimal design plan according to the specific standard condition gas volume or working condition gas volume, required gas flow rate, existing basic conditions, local air pressure and other conditions. We choose the specifications of the electric mist eliminator based on the accurate calculation and determination of the conditions, so that the surplus of the equipment is more reasonable, and the waste of funds is avoided.