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Cold wind sealing device

After years of research, the technicians of our company have improved the insulation box of the electric mist eliminator, that is, the cold air enclosed device. It can achieve the insulation effect of the insulated box, save energy, and eliminate the maintenance and maintenance costs. It has obtained a national patent.

The air intake method adopted by the cold air enclosed device does not require a fan. It uses the negative pressure of the electric demister itself to supply air from the outside of the insulated box to the inside of the electric demister, and the amount of air intake is adjusted by a valve outside the insulated box. . The air enters the insulation box through the external wind hood and filter, and then enters the electric mist eliminator through the air distribution device. At the same time, the cold wind device is also a small high-voltage electric field, which further ensures that the humid gas will not enter the insulated box. Then the insulation box has achieved the insulation effect, ensuring the normal operation of the electric mist eliminator equipment. On the other hand, the operation of the cold air sealing device has a slight influence on the gas concentration. The air volume of the four insulated boxes of an electric demister is about 108m3/h, and the size of the air intake varies slightly according to the adjustment of the intake valve. Therefore, it will not affect the operation of the entire system, so it is feasible in reality.

At present, the electric mist eliminators used in China use 3, 4 or 8 insulated boxes, and use electric heating to ensure their insulation. Generally, the electric heater of the insulated box is equipped with a power of 4.5 kW/unit.

Insulated box
Number of units

Single insulation
Box power


KW /Day

KW/ Year

Annual cost




4.5KW×24 hour×3 stand×65%=210.6 kw

210.6×330 day=69498 kw

69498×0.80 yuan=55598.4 yuan


4.5 kw


4.5kw×24 hour×4 stand×65%=280.8 kw

280.8×330 day=92664 kw

92664×0.80 yuan=74131.2 yuan


4.5 kw


4.5kw×24 hour×8 stand×65%=561.6 kw

561.6×330 day=185328kw

185328×0.80 yuan=148262.4  yuan

It can be seen from the above table that the electric mist eliminator requires a higher operating cost each year. Calculated on the basis of 4 insulated boxes for each electric demister, the annual electricity consumption is 92,664 KW, and the electricity cost is 74,131 yuan. In addition, it is necessary to frequently replace electric heating pipes or plates, maintain heat preservation, replace instruments, and maintain wiring. This heating method can ensure the insulation of the outside of the insulator, but the protection effect on the inner wall is not obvious, and it will cause the inner wall of the insulator to discharge. If only by increasing the heating temperature, the effect is not very obvious. If the existing insulation box is modified and replaced with a cold-air enclosed device, the electricity cost alone can save 70,000 yuan per year. In addition, the maintenance of auxiliary equipment, the replacement of electric heating pipes, the maintenance of electric control cabinets, heat preservation, instruments, etc., require labor and material costs, which can be saved after the use of cold air enclosed devices. The cost of each electric mist eliminator is only 50,000 yuan, which can be saved after one year of operation. The technology has low investment, quick improvement, and maintenance-free, and the effect is very significant. It has been successfully applied in many large units such as Yunnan Copper, Northern Copper, Zhongyuan Gold Smelter, Shaoguan Smelter and so on.