Lined lead pipe heat exchanger

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Lined lead pipe heat exchanger

The heat exchanger, or heat exchanger, is a device that exchanges heat between hot and cold fluids. In recent years, it has been widely used in various industries such as chemical, petroleum, and power. Compared with the traditional heat exchanger, the lead heat exchanger made by our company has the following advantages:

1. The heat transfer coefficient value is large, and the heat exchange efficiency is high;

2. The acid gas runs through the pipe, and the inner wall of the pipe is a lead pipe, which has good corrosion resistance and greatly extends the service life of the equipment;

3. Stable operation and high safety factor.

4. High temperature resistance.

Technical performance parameter table of lead heat exchanger::

1Inlet liquid temperaturebased on customer's needs
2Outlet gas temperature≤100℃
3Pipeline pressure≤0.5MPa
4Shell side pressure≤1.2MPa